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About serves as a repository for deep mutational scanning (DMS) studies with a focus on viral entry proteins (VEPs). These studies offer insights into the impacts of mutations on immune evasion, viral fitness, and more. Traditionally, sharing the substantial amount of data generated from these experiments has posed significant challenges. Conventional methods of publication restrict the level of detail in which results can be conveyed, making it impossible to share the full breadth of our findings. addresses this issue by offering a detailed overview of findings from DMS experiments. This includes expert interpretation and direct access to the underlying raw data, facilitating a deeper understanding and broader application of these studies.

On you'll find detailed write-ups for DMS of multiple viral proteins that focus on the methodology, objectives, and findings of these experiments. These write-ups include both interactive and static data visualizations that help explore these large datasets. Finally, you'll find links to the raw and processed data used in each study along with a detailed description of the data's structure and purpose.

If you have questions about the experiments described on this website, feel free to ask them on our GitHub Discussions page.

Released under the MIT License.